How to get the writing mindset

How to get the writing mindset

Do you sometimes struggle with getting words for your next blog post? How often do you absolutely don’t know what to write staring at your screen?

If you want to improve your own performance, whether you’re a self-employed or not, don’t measure your achievements just by how much money you make. Instead, consider how happy you when you’re working on your next post. (више…)

Trikovi za tip-top članak na sajtu

Trikovi za tip-top članak na sajtu

Ukoliko pišete članke za neki blog ili sajt, sigurno znate da taj posao iziskuje poprilično posla dok se ne pritisne dugme za objavu. Koliko vam se puta desilo da ste želeli da napišete tekst, a da jednostavno sve ide nekako teško?

Kao stari voz koji treba da krene. Provera ispravnost voza je obavljena, putnici su ukrcani, mašinovođa je na svom mestu, objavljen je polazak, a voz i dalje stoji. Oseti se trzanje pred polazak, sve izgleda toliko teško i tromo da imate utisak da nikada neće krenuti, a kamoli dobiti ubrzanje. O stižanju do cilja i da ne govorim.


Waiting for tomorrow without wake up

Waiting for tomorrow without wake up

Is it a price if you do not want a new tomorrow comes?
Is it ok to have great business biography but you can’t sleep at night?
Can any business success replace carefree days on vacation, if we are constantly available and never really stop to think about work?

If you recognize yourself in these questions, answer to yourself.

Is all this necessary? Is it your life really yours or you live as you think it is acceptable for other?

What are your wishes?

When I woke up one night and realized it was past midnight, I spoke out loud to my husband who was still awake, „I don’t want tomorrow comes.“ He looked me confused but quickly realized. I experienced burnout and I’m afraid of every new tomorrow. New tomorrow means another working day which means another stress and fear.

In our lives, we know that there are many faculties that are good and recommendable to study because we will probably find a good job. Yes, there are companies and even more famous owners and directors of those companies that are doing well. Apparently, it all leaves a very good impression on your resume, and your career should go upwards. But is it actually completely true?

Never forget your friends from childhood

I had a friend in childhood that I really like, and with her, I spent a wonderful time playing in the park behind our building where we lived. She was always a cheerful and smiling girl.

When we become teenagers, once we talked about what do we want to become when we grow up. I said very seriously about what I want to study, to work in some famous company, to have a high salary. I really believe that money and position in society can offer me a successful and happy life.

My friend listened to me with a beautiful smile on her face. She began to talk about how she wanted to be a saleswoman and if she could choose it will be a perfume shop. She would like to help people to choose the right perfume for them because we are all unique. Also, she would like to have a son to play with him like we were.

I couldn’t believe that she had no ambition to become something more than a seller. That she won’t mind working in shifts, during weekends, with customers who can be rude and arrogant. This work brings no money and what child she averted.

I moved out of the building where I lived with my family and my friend I no longer see. We grew up, became women, each went its own way wishing to get closer to their dreams from childhood.

One smile can change everybody

After many years, I was walking down the street which was very close to the building where I used to live. I went into a shop in the department of fruit and vegetables.

It was evening, the shop should be closed soon, but I still decided to buy a few things and go home, hoping to have a quiet night and a normal sleep after hard working day. In the department of fruit and vegetables stood my friend from childhood. With tired eyes and the most beautiful smile in the world, she asked me how she can help me. I was watching her for a few seconds. Her uniform was cramped and worn out. Her tired face eagerly breaks and she was moving with her feet on the legs because she had pain in the knee of long-standing but even her face was joyous.

She told me that the company working badly, but she was happy because the job in sales is for her the most beautiful job in the world. Also, She told me that her salary is too small, but she is happy because her son is a good kid, and who loves to play with her in the park where we were used to playing.

Her husband left her, but she knows he’s a good man and she was lucky to meet him and live with him for a while. I was completely broken when she told me that she is sure that I graduated and worked in a successful company. She never doubted that I will succeed in life.

I was trying to say something but I couldn’t. None of my „success“ couldn’t be compared with what her life because that is true happiness, peace and joy of life to every new day with the most beautiful smile in the world.

From that moment I decide to change everything and start my new life.

Morning coffee, breakfast and gratitude

Morning coffee, breakfast and gratitude

If you are lucky you grew up in a family where you hear the word „thank you“ and where every new day is seen as a great treasure, then you will need this whole story to be fully known. If you have not had that opportunity, think about this and try to apply some of these „little dude“ that can make an ordinary day especially nice because it does not one day is not an ordinary virtue of being unique.

When this powerful word found in your vocabulary with two more „please“ and „sorry“ you will see how beautiful life is and how much easier and facilitates communication with oneself and with others, smoothes conflicts, leaves a good impression on others, and creates respect for others towards you.

Why respect? Because the way you conduct and expression, in which you sincerely say „thank you“ if someone held the door open when you enter the room, give you a compliment, help you to do something in business, give you the right company talking an hour or two funny and interesting stories, then tell him or her „thank you“, to set aside from others who view life as something that implies.

They come into this world, waiting to be life going on, and they will only be observers, still the commonest dissatisfied. Although this gives them the right to be critical and hate the other.

love you
When someone gives us something of themselves, that isn’t an unimportant thing, this is one of your shared experience. These are special moments that you and the other person connected even if only for a moment.

But why respect? Well, because primitive people don’t know how to be grateful. Likewise, those for which we can say that they are „bad people“.

Of course, we all have a light and a dark side, it’s bad and good moments, but people who are trying to be good they will nurture its positive side personalities, to do is to make it even whiter and brighter and on that dark side of the personality, they will also invest a lot of effort that it doesn’t overcome and reinforce them.

When you find yourself in the company of people who are envious, empty in its essence, without any personal satisfaction, without the possibility of truly loving another person, you’ll notice how your good behavior and a positive attitude towards life in them creates the discomfort.

First, if you observe, they look for error, dishonesty, and falsehood for your kind words. When they are not found, then they will try to remarks and provocations, give you credit „to get down to their level,“ which is certainly lower than yours.

When this doesn’t succeed, if they have the opportunity, especially if you work closely, for example, the business will try to make unrealistic with unclear requirements, remarks or criticism, „put you on thin ice“ to see your reaction, whether the ice under your foot start to shoot and you feel powerless. What they want to see… your weakness through anger, arrogance, primitivism, and bad manners.

Hmm… unfortunately, your dignity and good manners are an absolute part of you, so your response to their behavior is completely at your level, not on their lot that is under yours. From all over this situation, you will come out spotless and pristine.

Given that you are a person who works on your personal and professional development and see life as a marathon, which is long and sometimes hard, but who can be beautiful and interesting and one day you get to the finish line when the race finishes. you slowly calms the breath, the body relaxes, and on your lips is a smile. If you then look around you in the audience are all those people who have supported you in life and believed in you, and you’ll just tell them: „Thank you“.

4 seasons and 7 mineral sources

4 seasons and 7 mineral sources

There are many small towns and villages in Serbia, where the streets are empty throughout the year. During the summer when tourists come nobody sits in the gardens, cafes, and restaurants and chat, no events, no life.

Sometimes you just can see someone who goes to work in a certain time his usual route from home to work and briefly disrupt almost constant silence. If within this quiet little town is a park or forest, fortunately, silence may terminate the chirping of birds.

Vrnjačka Banja is not one of those mention silent city. At first, it will look like that when you get off the bus at the bus station in the lower part of town, but as soon as you walk through the upper part of the city and start to get closer to the center you will see that all the beauty of life.

Vrnjacka spa

7 mineral sources – from very cold to completely warm

This spa is known for its healing sources in which there are various rehabilitation centers for the treatment of diabetes, jaundice, bone disease etc.. There are several sources of water from very cold to warm you need to drink at certain times of the day. The best known are:

  1. Sneznik,
  2. Warm,
  3. Lipovacki,
  4. Slatina,
  5. Beli,
  6. Borjak
  7. Vrnjacko vrelo.

If you do not come for treatment, you can enjoy staying in this small town just like a tourist. In addition to Hotel Merkur is a beautiful park for walking, called Vrnjci, and in his following is Japanese Garden. The park is planted with beautiful flowers and permanent residents of the park are various types of birds and squirrels.

Walk through the zone of love and friendship

One of the most recognizable symbols of Vrnjacka spa is a sparrow „Gočko“ which was the mascot of „The Games without Borders“ in 1990 and located in the middle of the main promenade. Around Gočko there are numerous bars, restaurants, and pizzerias where you can eat very tasty food and drink good wine or rakija.

Through Vrnjacka Banja flowing rivers Vrnjačka and Lipovačka. One of the distinguishing things is small bridges that connect the left and right side of the pedestrian zone.

One of the most famous bridges is „The Bridge of Love“ that lovers snakes lock with their names, then „Daljinar Bridge“ which was build in memory of Nedjo Ilic waiter who knew by heart distances in km in most of Europe’s capitals, „Golden Section Bridge“ which is dedicated to science and mathematics..

Ceni bor
While strolling around the central zone will notice very old residents of Vrnjacka Banja. One of them is Silver linden (Tilia argentea) or Black pine (Pinus nigra Arn) that are over 35m high and 300 years old.

This stable under the protection of the state of Serbia and by the legends that recount were planted to keep from oblivion sad lives, faithful friends in war periods in this area from the time of Turkish rule in the Balkans.

If you like long walks in the mountains, climb the nearby mountain Goč. The highest point on the mountain is 1127m, a mountain is full of streams and rivers, as well as ponds with trout.

All is covered by forest. It is ideal for hiking, picking mushrooms, berries, and herbs since there are endemic plant species and communities.

For lovers of nature, you can socialize with barbecue and comfortable environment to enjoy a delicious meal and beautiful setting of untouched nature, but if you prefer to eat you save someone else, wedding party in one of the lodges Vladanka, Ratkovic or Salus.

Culture and other great things

If you have time to walk to the Castle Belimarković which was built around 1889. If you happen to be in the summer in Vrnjacka Banja, visit the event’s cultural festivities, which lasts 100 days, and is dedicated to the Serbian theater, films from Serbia and around the world, painting, classical music and others.

Every year in August is „TheCarnival in Vrnjačka Banja“ which was a gathering place for people from all over the world who love to dance and play at carnivals and have a fun with good music.

But, i
f you happen to in Vrnjacka Banja during the winter days and you do not have the opportunity to attend the carnival and festival of culture, you can visit the Museum of spa treatments.

Here you will be able to view the history of spa treatment long 150 years, with 180 exhibits, photos, documents, files. The museum is located in the center next to the City Library.

If you love movies, you can watch a movie that is in the repertoire of the theater near the library and the museum.

All four seasons is a good time to make up this stunning spa and experience something extraordinary and unique.

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