Believe in yourself every day

Believe in yourself every day

More and more people complain of a sense of meaninglessness in their lives. Also, often they don’t know how to explain that in a few words because it is accompanied by a deep sigh, abstracted views, and incomplete sentences that don’t explain what is going on. Often I notice that this nonsense comes from the fact that people no longer believe that we should try to live better because all is meaningless and doomed to failure. No one expects the desired results and effects.

What are the desired results and effects?

Often the answer is: „To be happy.“

What is happiness to you? No replies.

People often don’t know what actually makes them happy, and even less what should be done in order to experience happiness.

Our emotions are our essence

It’s a mistake when we think that happiness in life is constant and that happy people are always happy and have no problems. Often I notice euphoria and excitement in people, but it looks like these emotions just flashed and quickly extinguished, leaving no trace in them a positive nor sense of true happiness that such flashy moments exist in life and they are privileged to feel them.

Everything is somehow going superficially and no true essence. Perhaps this is due to the aforementioned sense of meaninglessness or it is something else.

Too many people dealing with logic and tactics, and the lack of emotional part of your and other people’s personalities. My opinion is that emotions are our essence, our driver.

When we learn to recognize our emotions, we will know how to react and behave in accordance with them.

No one can live our lives

When we lose someone who has been part of our lives and with us almost every day, that is sensed sadness, fear, suffering, disappointment.

Against such emotions cannot be fought, they are an integral part of our lives and without them, we would not know what we’re truly happy moments. It takes the time to come up with the sad facts and it should not be to suppress.

It‘ll come a time when we all let go and actually feel the blessing that we were lucky that one person as the one we lost is part of our lives. Did I mention the word luck? Sure. From the greatest sorrow and pain, cognition is true joy and happiness.

To be emotionally mature need to accept yourself and to love ourselves. Only the love of self and introduce itself can make us emotionally mature. When we start to love and accept ourselves, we will not heed to others’ opinions and comments, and criticism of others we accepted as something we should think instead, although it will certainly our final judgment and our decision will be exclusively and in line with us.

No one can live our lives, nor make decisions for us, nor make it more meaningful and beautiful but only we. We should get our life as a gift from their parents. When we know that we were lucky at the very beginning of our lives and it is up to us to make it a nice trip that will be assembled from the ups and downs, but it will bring a lot of happiness and joy to us and to those who around us.

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