Waiting for tomorrow without wake up

Waiting for tomorrow without wake up

Is it a price if you do not want a new tomorrow comes?
Is it ok to have great business biography but you can’t sleep at night?
Can any business success replace carefree days on vacation, if we are constantly available and never really stop to think about work?

If you recognize yourself in these questions, answer to yourself.

Is all this necessary? Is it your life really yours or you live as you think it is acceptable for other?

What are your wishes?

When I woke up one night and realized it was past midnight, I spoke out loud to my husband who was still awake, „I don’t want tomorrow comes.“ He looked me confused but quickly realized. I experienced burnout and I’m afraid of every new tomorrow. New tomorrow means another working day which means another stress and fear.

In our lives, we know that there are many faculties that are good and recommendable to study because we will probably find a good job. Yes, there are companies and even more famous owners and directors of those companies that are doing well. Apparently, it all leaves a very good impression on your resume, and your career should go upwards. But is it actually completely true?

Never forget your friends from childhood

I had a friend in childhood that I really like, and with her, I spent a wonderful time playing in the park behind our building where we lived. She was always a cheerful and smiling girl.

When we become teenagers, once we talked about what do we want to become when we grow up. I said very seriously about what I want to study, to work in some famous company, to have a high salary. I really believe that money and position in society can offer me a successful and happy life.

My friend listened to me with a beautiful smile on her face. She began to talk about how she wanted to be a saleswoman and if she could choose it will be a perfume shop. She would like to help people to choose the right perfume for them because we are all unique. Also, she would like to have a son to play with him like we were.

I couldn’t believe that she had no ambition to become something more than a seller. That she won’t mind working in shifts, during weekends, with customers who can be rude and arrogant. This work brings no money and what child she averted.

I moved out of the building where I lived with my family and my friend I no longer see. We grew up, became women, each went its own way wishing to get closer to their dreams from childhood.

One smile can change everybody

After many years, I was walking down the street which was very close to the building where I used to live. I went into a shop in the department of fruit and vegetables.

It was evening, the shop should be closed soon, but I still decided to buy a few things and go home, hoping to have a quiet night and a normal sleep after hard working day. In the department of fruit and vegetables stood my friend from childhood. With tired eyes and the most beautiful smile in the world, she asked me how she can help me. I was watching her for a few seconds. Her uniform was cramped and worn out. Her tired face eagerly breaks and she was moving with her feet on the legs because she had pain in the knee of long-standing but even her face was joyous.

She told me that the company working badly, but she was happy because the job in sales is for her the most beautiful job in the world. Also, She told me that her salary is too small, but she is happy because her son is a good kid, and who loves to play with her in the park where we were used to playing.

Her husband left her, but she knows he’s a good man and she was lucky to meet him and live with him for a while. I was completely broken when she told me that she is sure that I graduated and worked in a successful company. She never doubted that I will succeed in life.

I was trying to say something but I couldn’t. None of my „success“ couldn’t be compared with what her life because that is true happiness, peace and joy of life to every new day with the most beautiful smile in the world.

From that moment I decide to change everything and start my new life.

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