I am absolutely sure that you are familiar with this fact that Instagram is all about Hashtags.

This is the main way that your audience will find your Instagram posts, and for that reason, they are very important to use them right.

I see people making the same mistakes over and over again, but let us see what are the 3 main tricks for correctly using hashtags for your Insta posts.

Trick #1

The max number of hashtags that Instagram allows you to use on each post is more than 30, do you think that is actually necessary to take all that number of hashtags? I know that is important to use them but approximately 10 relevant hashtags are totally satisfactorily to potential clients can find you.

Trick #2

Steering clear of any tags that have been used over 500k times, and any that have been used less than a few thousand times. Avoid hashtags that are very popular, because your posts will be lost in a sea of others. Likewise, pay attention to unpopular hashtags that no one will be searching for them.

Trick #3

Hashtags are a great way of spreading your content, so when posting, always add your caption first and then add your hashtags. This still tags your posts but keeps them hidden from view. It’s a good content and marketing tactics that you can use. Also, You can also use them as parts of sentences that will attract more attention to your text below the image.

Take a look at your last 5 Instagram posts and what are you of the following tactics to use when next time you posted.

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