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Marija Trifunović PR TMID
Agencija za copywriting i pisanje sadržaja


PIB 111242717
MB 65280957

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Saradnje na obostrano zadovoljstvo

“Marija is an absolute treasure to work with. Her turnaround time on projects is impeccable. If you need certain tasks completed in a timely manner, she is the one to call.”

SaCola Lehr

Video Launch Strategist, Librarian

“Marija quickly learned everything it takes to achieve remarkable results in this project. She reliably delivered results of high quality and helped ensure the success of this project. Thank you so much for everything, Marija!”

Arthur Dick


“Marija and I had an excellent collaboration as a teammate. I’ve learned a lot from her, about what it means to thoroughly investigate important topics, and how to leave a client with a great impression by doing more than is required. I am looking forward to cooperating with her in the future. For me, she is the first person to hire for internet research, sales assistance, or WordPress assistance.”

Luka Lazarević


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