Hello, I’m Marija and I work as a Virtual Assistant so I can help you bring your idea to life.

What actually Virtual Assistant (VA) can do?

Provide Administrative, Technical and Creative Consultancy Services.

Specialize in the details so you can focus on the big picture.

VAs are bright and talented, college-educated people eager to help you and your business skyrocket to success.

Know that every client is unique.

Offer a more personalized approach to assisting you in your business.

Offer you a good chance you’re looking to save time.

In accepting the delegated tasks do their jobs responsibly.

Offer their services more cost effective and with a clever strategy.

My Story

I started creating websites in WordPress back in 2014. That was fun and made me inspired for every project. I enjoyed helping people who ask me to bring their ideas to life online and market their projects.

At the same time, I found a lot of fun writing articles, editing images, applying different SEO strategies. Also, I realized that Social networks are a place where creativity can reach many people.

With each website launch or any other project, you see your time, energy and creativity come to life in a tangible way. It’s a great feeling!

For the next three years, I continued to create websites, manage social media business pages, create blog posts with keywords, make monthly newsletters, market research while working at a corporate job during the day.

In 2016, with previous 7-year corporate experience in business administration and sales and couple of years working as a freelancer, I would like to link all my knowledge and skills.

So, today I have an online business in a Virtual assistant industry that I love. 🙂

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